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Can she overcome all odds?

Fourteen year old Karina dares to defy her small town upbringing. With drive and ambition beyond her years, young Karina is bent on becoming the social advocate for witches and others with paranormal gifts. But, that's not all Karina longs for! With hopes of attending Tulane University, Karina aims to one day work at the UN and spark a change that will have a lasting impact in not only her small corner of the world, but on a global level. Fighting for human rights for witches and warlocks promises to change everything.

A chance encounter with a mysterious and troubled gambler leads to a friendship that blurs the lines between right and wrong. Their bond will be unbreakable if they can move past their differences and the boy Karina left behind doesn't complicate matters further.

This new world that Karina finds herself in will challenge her more than anything ever has before. As her new friend, Jules, struggles to control his powers, Karina is confronted with new and unfamiliar emotions. Desperate to find a balance between love, tolerance, and acceptance, Karina is torn between two worlds and two very different men in her life. With the witch population increasing at an incredible pace and what once was normal, quickly transforming into something else, no amount of magical powers or friends in high places will be able to help her. Hard lessons will have to be learned, if Karina can muster up the strength and the courage to forge on and move past the insurmountable obstacles that continue to thwart her efforts.

Does Karina have all the skills necessary to beat the odds and grasp that which she needs so desperately?



Prequel - Shifting Future (The MagicKeepers Series - Prequel) - Coming soon

Book 1 - Shifting Identity (The MagicKeepers Series #1)

Book 2 - Shifting Control (The MagicKeepers Series #2)

Book 3 - Shifting Triumph (The MagicKeepers Series #3)


Obsession Claimed; A Paranormal Fantasy Romance Novel

Third Vampire Shadows; An Urban Paranormal Romance Novel

Poison's Heart; A Deadly Marriage: A Novella

The Silver Chest; (An Urban Paranormal Love Story of A Young Dentist): A Novella

Blood of Fallen Crowns: Blades of Vengeance: (A Historical Fantasy Fiction)

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5 Stars ~ Really cute story! Cant wait to read the next one! Read the rest of the reviews here.



5 Stars ~ I loved the book i totally was reading to find out if Jules and Katrina ever realllly kissed :) hope the next book has a bit more of them happily together like it would say her cheeks turn red i want mine to turn red :) I thought highly of the book but didn’t have any lol moments or crying or emotion while reading it. Read to rest of the reviews here.

Mark Pease


5 Stars ~ Loved this book for it’s simplicity, but also for a good read. There was nothing “fancy” that happens in this book but I felt it had a good story line. Karina’s family is a model of what all families should be like: wanting the best for their children and supporting them to get that. Read the rest of the reviews here.


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Are Zombies Really Undead Creatures?

They make it seem so easy to come back from death in the movies and soap operas. However, not all of them end up reuniting with their loved ones and some even end up in disaster. Double Jeopardy, Days Of Our Lives, and Bold And Beautiful, to name a few, have characters that have died and miraculously returned, although in Double Jeopardy it would have been for the best if the character had stayed dead, or at least made sure he stayed out of sight, because it surely didn’t end well for him. The two soap operas did not exactly see long-lasting reunions either, because their spouses moved on eventually.

Some may come back reincarnated as someone or something else, and I’m not sure if that is such a good thing, but if you come back as the epitome of what you thought was beautiful and sexy maybe it would not be so bad. How many times has that ever happened in the movies? The majority come back to tie up loose ends, whether it be finding a will or making sure that the love of their lives knew that they loved them.

And of course there is another side to this story: the zombie. Whoever was the mastermind behind creating zombies didn’t know the phenomenon it was going to become. Although they are mostly portrayed as undead, mindless, cannibalistic corpses roaming the earth, there seems to be a turning point, like in the movie Warm Bodies. This movie features a zombie who has feelings, who can think, and of course fall in love with a girl whose boyfriend he coincidentally ate. However disgusting that sounds, that was the way the zombie was able to see her boyfriend’s memories. If you look at it from a third-party point of view it makes sense, because the brain is where all our memories are stored, not that I am promoting cannibalism or anything, I’m merely making zombie science sound realistic.

Alive, dead, undead, coma, on the verge of death, or coming back from the dead will always be a part of the silver screen as well as novels. Coincidentally, one of the characters in Jason’s Heart, Secrets and Lies (a Kongpub novel), comes back from the dead. Whether we like, love, or loath the idea, the dead, undead, almost dead, and reincarnated are here to stay.

3 Simple Ways To Overcome The Loss of Loved Ones

Trying to work through the death of a loved one is difficult for most of us. Some share their grief with like-minded people, others suffer in silence, and there are those who wonder how they will continue. Not everyone deals with grief the same way, but in the end, everyone reaches the road that leads to healing. Once we have reached the point where we can speak about a lost love without shedding tears, we are well on our way.

Nevertheless, how far on the road of recovery should one be before attempting to sort through your loved one’s keepsakes? Some say it is therapeutic and others say it only opens wounds. Moreover, how do you decide what to keep? If you really loved them, it is very hard to discard their property, especially items that still have their smell or handwriting.

When my father died, we left everything as-is for a couple of months, then one day Mom and I decided it was time to sort through his things. When I opened the cupboard, the smell of Jade East aftershave wafted through the room, and although at the time I pretty much worked through my grief and was able to speak about him without crying, that smell was too much for me. I remember closing my eyes and it was as if my father were standing in front of me. It was a nostalgic moment, but when I opened my eyes reality came back and I bawled. It was different; it was not as painful as it was in the beginning.

We sat on the bed going through his stuff and when I look back, we were really a sight, with snot and tears running and Mom insisting on hugging everything and recalling when and where my father bought it. I remember the last thing on the list was a shoebox, in which Grandma put all Dad’s personal items. Mom opened it and tipped the contents onto the bed before she carefully went through the items. His wedding band, watch, and a set of four false teeth with five gold splits were among the items.

She looked at me smiled and asked, “Should I have this made into a necklace?” I laughed, because although it belonged to my father, wearing his dentures around my neck just would not seem right, and neither would keeping them either. It was not something I could or would want to show my kids one day and tell them it belonged to their grandfather.

The thing is, at one point we have to decide what is important to keep, whether it has sentimental value or not, and store it in a box like the one Sharona found belonging to her departed husband in Jason’s Heart, Secrets and Lies, a novel by Kong Pub. As for my father’s dentures, I have no idea what Mom did with them, but I trust that she did not have a necklace made.

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