Are Zombies Really Undead Creatures?

They make it seem so easy to come back from death in the movies and soap operas. However, not all of them end up reuniting with their loved ones and some even end up in disaster. Double Jeopardy, Days Of Our Lives, and Bold And Beautiful, to name a few, have characters that have died and miraculously returned, although in Double Jeopardy it would have been for the best if the character had stayed dead, or at least made sure he stayed out of sight, because it surely didn’t end well for him. The two soap operas did not exactly see long-lasting reunions either, because their spouses moved on eventually.

Some may come back reincarnated as someone or something else, and I’m not sure if that is such a good thing, but if you come back as the epitome of what you thought was beautiful and sexy maybe it would not be so bad. How many times has that ever happened in the movies? The majority come back to tie up loose ends, whether it be finding a will or making sure that the love of their lives knew that they loved them.

And of course there is another side to this story: the zombie. Whoever was the mastermind behind creating zombies didn’t know the phenomenon it was going to become. Although they are mostly portrayed as undead, mindless, cannibalistic corpses roaming the earth, there seems to be a turning point, like in the movie Warm Bodies. This movie features a zombie who has feelings, who can think, and of course fall in love with a girl whose boyfriend he coincidentally ate. However disgusting that sounds, that was the way the zombie was able to see her boyfriend’s memories. If you look at it from a third-party point of view it makes sense, because the brain is where all our memories are stored, not that I am promoting cannibalism or anything, I’m merely making zombie science sound realistic.

Alive, dead, undead, coma, on the verge of death, or coming back from the dead will always be a part of the silver screen as well as novels. Coincidentally, one of the characters in Jason’s Heart, Secrets and Lies (a Kongpub novel), comes back from the dead. Whether we like, love, or loath the idea, the dead, undead, almost dead, and reincarnated are here to stay.

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