Why do We Love Each Other? Are There Really Romances in Romance Novels?

People tend to love because they want some comfort in their own lives. Some define love according to what they have experienced, and others need love so they can have guidance and direction. What is love, if nobody can say exactly what it is? It is love that brings us to motivate our own self, it is love that helps us to comfort people who are important to us, and it is love that makes us strong by loving and hurt because we break up with our girlfriend or boyfriend. Love has something to do with our own lives. Love is important because it makes us brave enough to face problems. Love is our inspiration.

We love each other because we need it. We love because we are motivated to fix something wrong about ourselves. Some readers love to read novels about romance because they can relate in their lives to the way novels work. Other readers read romance novels because they need a way of choosing good direction in their lives. They need guidance to make their love life comfortable, enjoyable, happy, and amazing. This is how love works. This is how love brings us to view reality.

Writers write romance novels because they are happy writing about love that they have experienced and what love is like in reality. Romance novels are definitely so much more amazing to readers when based on a true story than when based on fantasy. I prove that there really are romances in romance novels when I read and watch some books and movies based from real life stories. These writers wrote the book because they wanted to dedicate it to their loved ones and to a very special person. Some writers, as I said before, write and define love according to their own experience and how it works. Characters of their books are different and came from their imagination. Writers who write purely from their imagination are amazingly challenged because without an inspiration for them, books are not being written.

Writing a book is so difficult because you need time to think and travel from reality to imagination. But writing romance novels without imagination or just based on your experience is the easiest way, because you don’t need to think about it anymore. You can just write what happened from the past to the present, and end with the “happily ever after” sequence. Whether based in reality or imagination, it is the same situation but has different challenges. Interesting romance novel topics bring both writers and readers to a conversation and encourage comments and suggestions. But sometimes questions are so important because it can bring us to a very special talk. Books have some riddles that you need to solve. It’s a key of your own life that you need to discover to open the best treasure that you deserve to have. It is a collection of reality and happiness. It can let you travel through time without needing a time machine. Writers inspire us to write romance novels so that we can become stronger and stronger every day.

We love each other because that is what God tells us to do. God is love and that’s why we need love in our life. Without love, there is no life, because love is life. Just like God gave his only son to us to save the world from sin. That’s why there is love. Love exists from the beginning already. I agree with the inspirational phrase that “No man is an island.”

Love always exists, whether you’re writing or reading novels. I encourage everyone to get inspired and write and read books for yourself. Don’t take your time to sleep when you remember that love exists. We read because we love reading. There really are romances in a romance story.

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