Beautiful by Kiexiza Rodriquez Review

Book Synopsis :

Tierra Rodriquez, by most people’s standards is living the glamorous life. She is a successful business woman, who has worked her way up the male dominated ladder, despite being haunted by ghosts from her past. While she successfully juggles life, work, and friendships, her tightly wound web of lies begins to unravel for the first time in her life. Things begin to turn for her with the reintroduction of an old friend into her life.
With so much around her beginning to fall apart, Tierra is tested to the brink of insanity and lands in the one place she swore never to return seeking solace.

After enduring the tragic death of the one he he thought he’d never find, Aquarian Skeene is hurt, confused and there is only one person on his mind, Tierra. Desiring to rekindle their lapsed friendship, and make good on a promise, he makes a phone call that’s seems to set off a series of events that takes them both down a path of unfamiliarity and unforeseen chaos.

As he tries to settle into his new career, and deal with his own secrets, he is thrown into a life and death fight that brings everyone in his life face to face, testing not only their endurance but their faith.

With everything these friends know put on the chopping block on a daily basis, will they be able to get their act together and figure out what path they are destined to be on? Or will they continue to fall apart and remain victims of their own secrets and silent fears? Find out in the first volume in the Beautiful Mess Series.


Review by Ethan McKenzie


A Really Beautiful Story Worth My Time…

Disclaimer : This book was given to me as a gift and my review are NOT influence due to this gesture. The review is entirely my honest, unbiased opinion.

I am not really into mixing romance and suspense of a novel, but this author proven me wrong. As I read from the first page to the last page, the author already set the scene for a sequel, that’s a really smart move, I would say so myself. She displayed good writing skills to bring the characters to life but there are lots room for improvements especially to the plot. The female character, Tierra was very determined to crave an unique life of her own until she is avoiding any kind of love relationships that may come to her.

In fact, I kinda of pity her been so immersed being a career woman until she met the man that may change her perception about love forever. If you were to look around ourselves there are way too many similar people like this and they are all facing the same problems on their lives. This novel will make you wondered what is tears, anger, and love. It is a worth read although it has more than 200 pages. This novel is really a beautiful story worth my time. Keep up the good work, did I mentioned there is book 2 to this series. I can’t wait to read it soon.

Ethan McKenzie is also the author of “Secrets and Lies – (A Suspense Thriller Novel)“

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