Why Should Smart Men Read Romance Novels?

Guys also reading romantic novels because, like women, they look forward to taking a special relationship into the next level. By reading this, you can learn what women also like. You can learn to get along with her. Your heart and soul could be easily blended with her love.

There are so many things in a romance novel that women dream about. It is your guide to making their dreams come true. If it is written in the book that the woman falls in love with a handsome and daring man, then make it a reality. Men can change their physical outlook when reading romantic novels. If you’re a man, why don’t you read romantic books? It won’t affect your manliness.

Some people say that reading a romantic novel can change you and make you seem gay. No! This is not true at all. You will become daring and attractive to women, not men. Oh, that was the cruelest thing I have ever heard. As you read these novels, you can imagine how strong you can be as a man; that’s why you will improve yourself by joining a sports team or going to a fitness gym where you can develop your true power as a man.

If you like reading romantic novels, you and your partner will share a very romantic story because you can understand her feelings and become a good listener. Also, if both of you enjoy reading romantic books, your partner be so happy for you and it could lead to a perfect relationship. Being with your partner is a fairy tale when two of you have similar interests and desires.

But is it true that smart men read romantic novels? Yes, I believe so. Smart men read romantic novels because it teaches them to become like the hero in the story. They want to become a hero, a titan, or just a prince with a princess by his side. Some smart men also write romance novels. They have their very own fantasies to write about. Increasing your intelligence is not only done by learning calculus or memorizing facts from an encyclopedia.

We can also learn when we read romance books, especially about how to have a successful relationship. How about our career? Is it good, or are you always focusing on your experiment or project that you’re working on for your company? Why do you love without experimenting to learn what the formula of love is? This is what the true smart men do. When genius men describe romantic novels, some say that love is still expressed in this book. Others say it is not good for them because it can negatively affect their professional lives.

But what if you fell in love with a girl and you knew that reading romantic novels gave her a happy outlook? Would you tell her to stop reading? Still, the true smart men don’t think in a wordy way about a book, but in the feeling of every chapter within the story where love is expressed. You must be consistent in describing the book. It is not like calculus or science books that have different theory written, but a romance novel has love and a puzzle to solve. It is fun to read romantic novels, whether you are a scientist, professional, banker, office worker, engineer, pilot, captain, marine, or just a simple man. Romance novels do not diminish our masculinity, but add to the love story in our own lives.

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