Unveiling the Medical Mystery Diagnosis

It is frustrating when you go to a medical facility and after several tests and diagnoses; the medical doctor seems not to tell you what exactly you are suffering from. You feel hopeless because, from deep down your heart, you know your body is hurting and this means that you are sick. But from what you are suffering from, nobody can tell, even the most qualified doctor. It is just a mystery. This is what we term as medical mystery diagnosis.

But incase you find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic, just make your mind relax. It is good to understand that, in this world we live in, there are those diseases which crop every day and there is no specific diagnosis which has been done on them. You might be the first patient suffering from that particular symptom, so it will take time for a medical doctor to put a name to what you are suffering from. Also, not all symptoms have a diagnosis. Take it that yours is among those that cannot be diagnosed and take whatever advice the medical doctor gives to you.

Once you have put your mind to rest that yours is a mysterious diagnosis, you don’t just sit and relax, look for a second opinion from another medical doctor or a counselor.  Yours may be more of a psychological than physical ailment, which is all concentrated in the mind. Go for counseling sessions, you might solve what the doctor was unable to solve. Another medical doctor might also come up with a diagnosis, so, it is good to give it a try. But if all this doesn’t work, then classify your ailment as a mysterious ailment that medical researchers should research on. Visit a government medical research body and lay your case on their table. Allow them to do tests on you and maybe, just maybe, a diagnosis for your illness might be found.

Also by using the symptoms you are experiencing, you can use the differential diagnosis method to solve your medical mysterious diagnosis. Here, you can involve a medical practitioner to help you identify your symptoms and try to associate them with the various other diagnosis carried on previous patients. Using your most prevalent symptom, try to analyze what your diagnosis might be. You can even use the internet to do the analysis.

Allergies to food, weather, and detergents can be logged into a sheet. If by using certain food or drinks triggers what makes you unwell, note it somewhere and follow the pattern for sometime. If by passing through a crowded park or where people have sprayed on different kinds of perfumes makes you feel the symptoms of an illness, note that down. If by exposing yourself to dust or taking a cold bath automatically brings on the symptoms, log them on to your log sheet. With a compiled list of what the triggers of your condition are, you can visit your medical doctor and share them with him, maybe from there; you might find a remedy to your unsolved medical mysteries diagnosis.

You know your body better than anyone else. Be your own caretaker and medical doctor. Monitor all the minor and major changes and what triggers them. You never know, you might just unveil what so many medical practitioners have for years been considering a medical mystery diagnosis. You might just have a diagnosis for it. Keep trying.

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