Push Start By Terry Thompson Review

Book Synopsis : A non-fiction book

Push Start is filled with one hundred tips, tools, techniques, quotes, anecdotes, stories, ideas, thoughts, and concepts that will provide you with the motivation and inspiration to take you on your journey through life’s situations and circumstances. So, push start and take your life from average to awesome.


Review by Ethan McKenzie


Not Only A Motivational Book, But Also A Book Towards Personal Excellence…

What I can say is that this author really know how to getting people to restart their inner engines by using various tools that I have yet seen before. This book is not only a motivational book, but also a book that geared towards personal excellence.

As I was reading this book page by page, I realized that it is impossible to improve one’s life without stuck in a rut. This book is really a good inspiration to anyone who are suffering right now due to this this financial crisis.

Without giving too much away, I particularly like this chapter : Think Negatively. It shows people how to turn negative strength into something positive and use it to move forward or just simply push start.

This book is not for everyone seeking mundane way of living. This book is for someone constantly seeking inspiration to improve one’s life towards personal excellence.

Ethan is also the author of “Secrets and Lies – (A Medical Suspense Thriller Novel)

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