Review Policies

All books reviewed on MyReadersPress are purchased personally, borrowed or given to us in trade for an honest review.  No compensation is given for our reviews.

We will entertain all review requests, if we feel the book is something that fits into a genre we regularly read, would work with our site and we can fit into our review schedule; we may accept the request. Some of the genres we typically read are: New Adult, Adult, Young Adult, Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Raranormal Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction.

We don’t always enjoy the books we read, if this is the case – the review will reflect such.  We make every effort to politely point out why these books were not for us.  We expect our reviews will be treated with the same respect. We hate to even have to mention this, but with the influx of reviewers being treated poorly, harassed, bullied and even stalked ~ We feel it needs to be addressed.

Having said that, so far…our reviews are minimum three stars, and most of them are four stars. We will give five stars based on exceptionally high quality writing/plot.

We love the independent writing community.  We try to read equal amounts of published and indie reads.  So, self published authors are encouraged to send us review requests.

When sending a review request, please provide links, pictures, synopsis or any other information that will help us easily find out more about your book.  We receive a large number of requests and the easier it is for us to navigate through them, the quicker we can respond to you.

We will also apologize in advance if we don’t get back to you very timely, we have some pretty strict spam filters that unfortunately catch some review requests.  We’ll find it eventually though!

What do you get in return?

Our reviews will be posted on the blog, on Goodreads and Amazon. As time allows, we will also try to post them to other sites, such as Barnes & Noble, Library Thing, Shelfari.  If there is another location you would like it to go, please let us know ~ we will be happy to accommodate.

Please feel confident that books sent to us for review are treated with the utmost care and privacy.  We will never share or sell your work.

Please ask us before using any part of review for your own purposes.Your words belong to you, ours to us.

Thank You!
Eddy & Team (KONG Publishing House)
Please email review requests to

On occasion images are used on this website that we are unable to track the originating source of.  If these images break any legalities we sincerely apologize and will gladly take them down upon notification of such. We do not make money off the back of others hard work.

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5 Stars ~ Really cute story! Cant wait to read the next one! Read the rest of the reviews here.



5 Stars ~ I loved the book i totally was reading to find out if Jules and Katrina ever realllly kissed :) hope the next book has a bit more of them happily together like it would say her cheeks turn red i want mine to turn red :) I thought highly of the book but didn’t have any lol moments or crying or emotion while reading it. Read to rest of the reviews here.

Mark Pease


5 Stars ~ Loved this book for it’s simplicity, but also for a good read. There was nothing “fancy” that happens in this book but I felt it had a good story line. Karina’s family is a model of what all families should be like: wanting the best for their children and supporting them to get that. Read the rest of the reviews here.


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