Tell No Secrets, Speak No Lies by Burg Review

Book Synopsis :

The secrets we keep can sometimes have dire consequences. Three people with three different stories to tell, makes this a suspense filled drama. In the first story Rashard (a lucrative drug dealer) finds out the hard way, neglecting his lady Kanisha for the other woman can lead to betrayal in the worse way. Angel is a young girl in the second story, who desperately tries to hide a secret within. She slowly finds herself falling apart, as her secret gets bigger and bigger. The third story ties all three stories together in an unpredictable way. T-Zoe learns that robbing for a living creates karma. Will this Karma cost him his freedom, or possibly his life. Only time will tell.


Review by Ethan McKenzie


This Author Has Style. A Good Read Though…

The author is smart enough to combine all 3 short stories into one concluding ending. He has put into good enough of effort to develop all the characters and bringing them to life. I was sucked to the story as I read it before bedtime.

I was so addicted to the stories that I complete in one sitting. Book one is really interesting about the life of a drug dealer and how his wife tries to adjust to his ways. There is one part on Book one relating to how his wife, Kanisha is being seduced by Dontrel. Without giving too much away,

I would feel that it is best to read it for yourself. A good read indeed as this author has good writing style. Good job.

Ethan is also the author of “Secrets and Lies – (A Suspense Thriller Novel)“

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