Who Else Wants To meet Ticos? Who Are They?

The seasons are changing, somewhere in the world spring has sprung and in some other parts autumn has begun turning the landscapes into portraits of yellow, orange and gold. Isn’t it wonderful how we all live on the same planet, but yet we are so diverse.

I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures since childhood. My mom would always find me glued to the television watching National Geographic eager to learn about other cultures, how they live, what they ate and anything that would be remotely different from my own.

One of the places that I always wanted to visit is Costa Rica, an ecological treasure trove and even though I am not the outdoorsy type, hiding in the bushes with a flashlight waiting for the turtles to come ashore to nest sounds like a lot of fun.

According to some travel guides there are companies offering the opportunity to watch a variety of turtles like leatherbacks, hawkbills, Olive Ridleys and Greens coming ashore every year to lay their eggs. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get to see the eggs hatch and watch the babies return to sea.

Costa Rica, although a small country, has a very rich heritage and Museo De Oro Precolombinois in San Jose is one of Costa Rica’s best museums. The museum houses a collection of Costa Rica’s priceless pieces of pre-Columbian gold, artifacts, historical currency and some contemporary regional art. Apparently some of the gold pieces hang on transparent wires, giving the impression that they are floating in space. I would like to see that.

Some of the rough guide websites also mention that the best way to go would be to register as a volunteer at the many programs available. That way you will be able to see how the real Ticos live. The volunteer programs stretch from teaching English in the villages to Eco friendly programs, some of which include organic farming and counting indigenous species.

I also found a few weird facts about Costa Rica under an odds and ends category. According to some sources Ticos are short statured people, so in general all furniture are about 6-8 inches lower than furniture for example in the US. So, I guess I will pack my own furniture because short statured I am definitely not.

This one made me laugh out loud; in our countries as pedestrians we have rights and any driver must yield or suffer the consequences. Well, in Costa Rica the Spanish word for pedestrian is ‘Target’, need I really say more. I think I will pack my helmet, knee and elbow pads first, before anything else.

Costa Rica is definitely on my bucket list and in fact San Jose is where one of Kong Publishing’s book’s called Jason’s Heart-Secrets and Lies, by Ethan McKenzie and Natashiah Jansen starts. It’s filled with twists and turns and you will never know what will happen next, as for me… I want to know exactly what to expect if I decide to take the trip to Costa Rica.

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