Who is Zhu Hsia

Zhu Hsia is a mother of 3 young kids. She is residing in a small island in Asia. She is a homemaker and during her spare time besides looking after her kids, she likes to read all kinds of fiction and non-ficiton books. She is also a book fanatic and is now pursuing her life long dreams of creating fantasy and paranormal type of novels for others to enjoy.

Her husband is a consultant in human resource and loves her a lot. She uses her passion for reading to come out with high quality and interesting novels. Her favorite authors in this genre are Heather Graham, Stephenie Meyer, Gena Showalter and many others indie authors like herself.

When Zhu Hsia is not writing, she likes to spend time daydreaming and go on vacation trips. She likes to bring her kids to the nearby HK Disneyland and at the same time look for ideas for her next fiction book. This way, she is constantly delivering great and interesting contents for readers of all ages to enjoy.

Zhu Hsia is one of the authors of KONG Publishing House. She can be located at the website below.

Learn more about his Zhu’s thoughts and ideas at

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